Mojo: The team building communication game

Play in person or online

Mojo creates a psychological safe space where everyone can voice opinions and share thoughts or ideas without conflict or interruption.

What is Mojo?

Mojo is a card based team building game, designed to encourage communication and relationships in the workplace

  • Up to 12

    Mojo can be played in
    teams of 3 to 12 people

  • Play Online
    or in Person

    Just as effective whether
    online or in your office

  • Become a
    Mojo Master

    In depth training
    and ongoing support

  • Hire a
    Mojo Master

    Use one of our
    experienced facilitators

Mojo: Unparalelled Benefits

It’s all about the three C’s:
Communicate, Connect and Change

    • Psychological Safety

      A better way to work together
    • Employee Engagement

      Share ideas, needs and concerns
    • Conflict Resolution

      Safely address uncomfortable situations
    • Self Awareness

      Break down boundaries, be yourself

When you’re investing in others, don’t forget to invest in yourself

- Tej Lalvani CEO of Vitabiotics & Dragon on BBC’s Dragons’ Den
  • Why not spend one hour a week doing something enjoyable that will improve your wellbeing and will be beneficial to all employees.

    In the process, you will learn how to use the Mojo Toolkit to enhance employee engagement and promote self-awareness, vulnerability and empathy.

    Care, protect and nourish your employees by humanizing HR, build engagement with remote employees, foster trust in uncertain times and cultivate a resilient, diverse workforce capable of facing whatever the future may hold. This is not an idea; by playing Mojo it becomes a reality.

Mojo: Results you can Measure

According to Gallup, engaged employees are “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace”. Companies that have a highly engaged workforce report:

  • 17%


  • 41%


  • 21%


Where does Mojo work?

Mojo the game, is developed to be played on the Zoom video platform or on your businesses premises

  • At Home

    The perfect tool for creating and maintaining connections with staff who are working from home, in remote offices or who are furloughed. Reduce loneliness, feel heard and stay connected.

  • In The Office

    Mojo is simple to setup – no homework or special preparation, you just need a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. You can also combine playing in person with players on zoom for the ultimate way of connecting teams divided by distance or circumstance.

Meet the Mojo Masters

Mojo Masters are our trained game facilitators

  • Helen Speak

    Mojo Master

  • Wendy Lambert

    Mojo Master

  • Helen Lasham

    Mojo Master

  • Andrea Shaw

    Mojo Master

Who We’ve worked with

Here’s a sample of some of the companies we are proud to have worked with…

100% satisfaction

Everyone who plays comes out of this a better person!

Without Mojo, we simply wouldn’t have had the opportunity, the foresight or the confidence to truly say what was in our minds.

Peter Turner

Director - Para Creative

Thank you for creating such a fabulous game; a game that appears to know each of it’s players and what we require!

David Taylor

SEN Secondary Teacher

The use of the Mojo game as an icebreaker started respectful conversations early on which meant our limited time was really effective.

Anne Grazino

HR Business Partner

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